Best of Boston

2013 Best Butcher

M. F. Dulock

Anatomy of a Winner:

Whether you’re shopping for an elegant dinner party or a simple weeknight meal, you’re sure to find a bevy of options at this Somerville meat specialist. That’s because the butchers here break down whole animals to create a variety of tasty cuts. Here’s how they carved up a Berkshire/Yorkshire hybrid pig.

1. Pig head, for an adventurous crowd.

2. Boneless pork loin, which is perfect for roasts.

3. House-ground sweet Italian sausage.

4. Garlic-and-thyme sausage farce, for making stuffing.

5. Pig skin, for frying into cracklings.

6. Rolled porchetta, filled with garlic and herbs.

201A Highland Ave., Somerville, 617-666-1970,