Best of Boston

2014 Best Latin American Restaurant

Mana Escondido

This tiny, off-the-beaten-path Puerto Rican spot offers, in essence, a master class on how to transform a plantain into a destination dish: Here, the fibrous fruit is mashed into rich, garlicky mofongo with crunchy chicharrónes; flattened and crisped into the bookends of the pork-and-cheese jibarita sandwich; and laboriously pummeled, shaped, fried, and filled to order for the tostones rellenos, which cradle a bright avocado-and-tomato salad. Balance out all of the starch with a plate of the golden-hued rotisserie chicken, served with a side of—you guessed it—crunchy fried plantains.

68 Aguadilla St., Boston, 617-266-0900,