Best of Boston

2018 Best Korean Restaurant

Buk Kyung

With a Korean joint seemingly popping up on every corner, Allston Village is steadily earning its K-town reputation, but the noodle dishes at neighborhood stalwart Buk Kyung still go unmatched. We’re not just talking about pop hits like the inky, pork-rich sauce in the jajangmyeon or the glassy sweet potato threads in the japchae. Because if you haven’t tucked into a bowl of dduk mandoo gook—Korea’s take on beef-noodle soup, carbed up with house dumplings and glutinous rice cakes—or the party-size platter of seafood, stir-fried veg, and potato-noodle shards served with a sweet-hot mustard sauce (otherwise known as yangjangpi), you’re missing out. Multiple locations.

151 Brighton Ave., Allston, 617-254-2775,