Best of Boston

2018 Best Karaoke

Hong Kong

If you’ve never had a night out end with a hazily remembered jaunt to this Faneuil Hall spot, you haven’t done after-hours in Boston right. Amid the bustle of the seven-night-a-week party—a blend of college kids, off-the-clock restaurant staff, and coworkers from downtown office buildings—the generously spiked scorpion bowls offer liquid courage in no short supply. The $1 chicken-teriyaki-on-a-stick, served (how else?) from a tin-foil-wrapped bucket, is tastier than you’d think. Sure, you may have to wait hours for your turn at the mike, but if you’re in the mood to get "Born to Run" off your chest, there’s no better place than the Kong.

65 Chatham St., Boston, 617-227-2226,