Best of Boston

2018 Best Caribbean Restaurant

La Fábrica Central

Long the local torchbearers of Caribbean cuisine, Hector and Nivia Piña (the owners of Merengue, Vejigantes, and Doña Habana) have spread those rays of hot tropical sunshine across the river. Their new Central Square venture serves up a freewheeling mezcla of Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican flavors—think garlicky tostones, savory cubanitos, and showstopping rum-flamed rice dishes delivered to your table en fuego—in a lively atmosphere that includes both a jazz lounge and a nightclub. Need a little liquid courage before you hit the dance floor? Peruse the ample drink menu, which features a deep bench of high-end rums.

450 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 857-706-1125,