Best of Boston

2018 Best Ramen

Oisa Ramen Slurp & Go

"Own your slurp" is the mantra at Moe Kuroki’s tiny ramen bar: It means belly up to the counter, enjoy your soup, and worry about those stains on your shirt later. But it also applies to Kuroki’s personal journey: The self-taught cook from Fukuoka, Japan, began tinkering with traditional tonkotsu recipes during a particularly strong bout of homesickness. In 2014, she started slinging bowls of tender pork belly and chewy homemade noodles at pop-ups across the city. Now she’s sharing her love for the art of ramen at her new brick-and-mortar, where a layered, rich, fully vegan-style bowl stands out in a sea of fresh noodles on the scene.

1 3/4 Broad St., Boston, 617-670-0126,