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2020 Best Root Touchup Kit


Not quite ready to rock a smock at your favorite salon just yet? You don’t have to thanks to Grettacole, whose root touchup kits quickly became a quarantine sensation. Here, Natalie Salerno, a senior stylist at the salon, demonstrates how to pull off a successful DIY dye job at home. 1. Remove the touchup color and professional application brush from the kit. Be sure to put on the included disposable gloves before getting started—you’re not dying your hands, after all. 2. Always begin at your center part and follow the hairline, slowly moving from ear to ear as you apply the dye in small, quarter-inch sections. 3. Once the dye is applied, wait the full processing time—35 minutes—to ensure the color develops properly (unless you want orange hair!). Then shampoo twice: The first wash is to remove the color and prevent it from irritating your scalp or making your roots oily. The second is to eliminate any residue so you don’t stain pillowcases and towels.

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