Best of Boston

2024 Best Man on the Street

Matt Shearer

This WBZ NewsRadio reporter has become so recognizable for his roving video stories — consistently clever, often amusing segments about colorful local characters and regional idiosyncrasies — that local toymaker Wicked Joyful (a.k.a. Nick Lavallee) immortalized the social creator as an action figure. Fitting, since Shearer did something low-key heroic in December when he orchestrated a recording-studio session for unhoused singer Ara Bolster, whom he’d encountered randomly on the street, and helped her release an original single on Bandcamp, where the song quickly earned her thousands of dollars. Bolster cried joyously, Dunkin’ recruited her to perform at Logan Airport with the Boston Pops, and a CBS Evening News segment took note. This dude really is that good.