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Best Al Fresco Restaurant

2014 Best Al Fresco Restaurant


Commonwealth already had a lot going for it—Full-service market! Parking!—but this spring, the Kendall Square restaurant upped its game further with a sprawling, Broad Canal—facing [...] read more»
2013 Best Al Fresco Restaurant

Hamersley’s Bistro

Massive decks and skyline views have their charms, but for a truly romantic meal en plein air, nothing beats the secret-garden feel of the lantern-lit [...] read more»
2012 Best Al Fresco Restaurant

Sam’s at Louis

We've been known, on those perfect 72-degree days, to work an "emergency" business lunch at Sam's into our schedule. Neither Newbury Street's sidewalk cafés nor [...] read more»
2011 Best Al Fresco Restaurant


Like to eat while on display, with the entire passing world gawking at your menu choices? Pull up a sidewalk seat on Newbury. Prefer to [...] read more»
2009 Best Al Fresco Restaurant

B&G Oysters

When summer finally arrives in Boston, every restaurant with a patch of sidewalk scurries to put out a few wrought iron tables and hang its [...] read more»
2009 Best Al Fresco Restaurant, Affordable

Sophia’s Grotto

In a mere four years this precocious trattoria has grown up into an authentic Old World beauty, its cloistered brick courtyard now mature with ornamental [...] read more»
2007 Best Al Fresco Restaurant


We were worried when we heard they were making over our beloved patio at Oleana. After all, it's the drooping wisteria, fragrant herbs, and sparkling [...] read more»
2007 Best Al Fresco Restaurant, Affordable

Tavern On the Water

The spectacular views and lengthy menu—casual staples like chicken fingers, grownup entrees like ahi tuna—at this dockside cafe easily trump any pretentious, cheek-by-jowl patios elsewhere [...] read more»
2006 Best Al Fresco Restaurant, Affordable

Casa Romero

Not many restaurants are willing to dedicate a chunk of valuable real estate for the few weeks that merit outdoor dining. But chef-owner Leo Romero's [...] read more»
2006 Best Al Fresco Restaurant


If Ana Sortun's celebrated Mediterranean fare isn't enough to transport you, her back patio will: Two dozen tables are surrounded by a fragrant garden that [...] read more»