Best of Boston

Best Band

1989 Best Band, Dance

Shy Five

They're not shy; they're fly. Here is the consummate bar band. They play with the audience as much as they play for them. Fun, fun, [...] read more»
1988 Best Band, Up-and-Coming

The Zulus

They called themselves Wild Kingdom until Mutual of Omaha told them to change their name or face a lawsuit. They tried the Gospel Birds, but [...] read more»
1988 Best Band, Dance

The White Heat Orchestra

Swinging at the Roxy. It's the perfect music for your dirty dancing. read more»
1988 Best Band, Just For Fun

The Band That Time Forgot

Short on pretense, long of fun, dressed alike in dark shades and navy jackets, this band plays straight and pure music right out of the [...] read more»
1988 Best Band, Political

Senate President William Bulger’s Irish Orchestra

Senate president William Bulger's Irish orchestra, the best that state money can buy: Fiddler Seamus Connolly, on the Senate payroll for $753.46 a week; accordionist [...] read more»