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Best Bar, Cape Cod

2012 Best Bar, Cape Cod

The Raw Bar

You get the feeling that the topless mermaid suspended from the ceiling here has probably seen it all. From the well-tanned friends whispering about something [...] read more»
2007 Best Bar, Cape Cod

The Chatham Squire

Overflowing pints of Bass and Guinness, live entertainment including Karaoke Tuesdays, the obligatory logo-embroidered polos for sal—smack in the center of Chatham, the often rowdy [...] read more»
2006 Best Bar, Cape Cod

The Beachcomber

Cape Cod isn't exactly famous for its surfing, but the Beachcomber on Cahoon Hollow Beach is the quintessential surfers' hangout, with battered boards on the [...] read more»