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Best Blowout

2008 Best Blowout

Sean Kavanagh, Shag

South Boston
Underneath all those tattoos and piercings is a man deeply committed to hair. Kavanagh combs, coddles, and coerces your strands to suit any occasion, with [...] read more»
2002 Best Blowout

Jennifer Racioppi, Salon Luiz

There are three secrets to truly great straightening: patience, persistence, and—the deciding factor for many—convenience. What good is a perfect styling when you have to [...] read more»
2000 Best Blowout

Beatriz Comacho, Hair F/X Studio

Important client in town? Anniversary dinner at a fancy restaurant? Job interview? For those occasions when it's important to have your hair looking just right, [...] read more»
1999 Best Blowout

Beatriz Camacho, Hair FX Studio

This fairy godmother carries a hair dryer instead of a wand. Betty will blow away any bad hair day, turning you sleek when you're frizzy, [...] read more»