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Best Bookstore

1994 Best Bookstore, Audio

Boston Audio Books

Suburban commuters who work downtown will be thrilled to find Boston AudioBooks. This store carries a wide selection—including fiction, self-help, mystery, and science fiction—that can [...] read more»
1994 Best Bookstore, Poetry

Grolier Poetry Book Shop

Despite its clutter, since 1927 this small hole-in-the-wall bookstore off Mass Ave in Harvard Square has been the place to buy poetry books of many [...] read more»
1994 Best Bookstore, Foreign

Schoenhof’s Foreign Books

Schoenhof's stocks books in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and other languages, and its knowledgeable reference staff is ready and waiting in the back of [...] read more»
1993 Best Bookstore, Cambridge

Barillair Books

Great service, great stock, and an espresso bar/patio. What more could a bookworm snuggle into? read more»
1993 Best Bookstore, Boston

Charlesbank Bookshops, BU Bookstore Mall

Everything from Bradshaw to Seuss. And New York Times best-sellers at 30 percent off. read more»
1993 Best Bookstore, Myster

Kate’s Mystery Books

What a mystery fan really wants is lots of everything. Kate has it all covered, from true crime to cozy domestics. read more»
1993 Best Bookstore, Feminist

Crones’ Harvest

Jamaica Plain
All the old standbys, plus a vibrant forum for readings of new works. read more»
1993 Best Bookstore, Gay

Glad Day Gay Liberation Bookshop

The bulletin board out front has listings for everything from housing to theater to marches. The shop also has a great selection of cartoon books. read more»
1992 Best Bookstore

Waterstone’s Booksellers

We drove the British out of Boston more than 200 years ago, but they returned last year with this three-story emporium where even best-sellers are [...] read more»
1991 Best Bookstore

New England Mobile Book Fair

Newton Highlands
Once you get used to the misleading name (it's stationary), the atmosphere (warehouse style), and the system (books listed by publisher), this is a browser's [...] read more»