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Best Chef, General Excellence

2012 Best Chef, General Excellence


We didn't need last year's Food & Wine accolades to tell us that Jamie Bissonnette rocks. The famously inked chef drives the two hottest spots [...] read more»
2012 Best Chef, Up-and-Coming


Watertown has the most exciting cuisine in town? At a place called, for better or worse, Strip-T's? Actually, it's true. After leaving New York's famed [...] read more»
2011 Best Chef, Up and Coming

Robert Sisca, Bistro du Midi

Boston is blessed with a bumper crop of young culinary talent injecting our food scene with energy and enthusiasm. But while many seem to spend [...] read more»
2011 Best Chef, General Excellence

Jamie Bissonnette, Coppa

He's pushed diners' expectations at kitchens across the city, from Tremont 647 and Clio to Pigalle and Toro. Then, at Coppa, Bissonnette got us all [...] read more»
2010 Best Chef, Big Name

Tony Maws, Craigie On Main

Reality-show appearances? Nope. Cookbooks? Not yet. Restaurants? Just one. In the era of the celebrity chef, Tony Maws is the rare example of a guy [...] read more»
2010 Best Chef, Up and Coming

Phillip Tang, East by Northeast

Having cooked at chef-owned spots Hungry Mother, T.W. Food, and Lumiere, it's no surprise that Tang would create a deeply personal restaurant. His debut, East [...] read more»
2009 Best Chef, Up and Coming

Gérard Barbin, Sensing

Deputized by superchef Guy Martin to run swish French eatery Sensing, this young import has shown all the technique and discipline required by haute cuisine, [...] read more»
2009 Best Chef

Barbara Lynch, Barbara Lynch Gruppo

Not content merely to launch the city's best new restaurant and upscale bar while keeping No. 9 Park, B&G Oysters, and the Butcher Shop running [...] read more»
2008 Best Chef

Tony Maws, Craigie Street Bistrot

It's not just that his food is so good. Or that he writes some of the most imaginative menus around. It's the Maws work ethic: [...] read more»
2008 Best Chef, Up and Coming

Tim Wiechmann, T. W. Food

At 34, and with apprenticeships at some of the world's most revered Michelin-starred restaurants under his belt, Wiechmann is hardly a newbie. Yet he brings [...] read more»