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2018 Best Chowder

Boston Sail Loft

For a generation, this minimal-frills North End eatery at the water’s edge has attracted a legion of fans with its herb-y, unpretentious, preposterously thick take [...] read more»
2017 Best Chowder, Clam

Legal Sea Foods

You don't mess with success. Legal's classic formula—a creamy base, loads of clam flavor, firm potato chunks—has been warming Bostonians' souls for decades. It even [...] read more»
2016 Best Chowder, Clam


We know what you’re thinking: With all the seafood joints in Boston, you landed on Sonsie? Stifle your preconceptions for a moment, because when it [...] read more»
2015 Best Chowder, Clam

The Daily Catch Seaport

With a just creamy enough texture, generous potato chunks, meaty pieces of clam, and a house-made biscuit in place of the requisite oyster crackers, the [...] read more»
2014 Best Chowder

Grill 23

For the finest chowder in town, you’ll have to turn to a steakhouse. Grill 23’s version stars quahogs, but takes the humble bivalve-and-potato soup into [...] read more»
2013 Best Chowder, Clam

B & G Oysters

Anatomy of a Winner: Here in Boston, it's tough to stand out in a veritable ocean of chowdah. Here's how Barbara Lynch's oyster bar shows [...] read more»
2012 Best Chowder, Clam

Ned Devine’s

That's right—Ned Devine's. We were won over by the buttery, not-too-thick texture, bits of fresh thyme, and sweet, chopped cockles and clams that make this [...] read more»
2011 Best Chowder

Legal Sea Foods

Like spaghetti sauce or competition chili, clam chowder is one of those foods that's better made in enormous quantities. The big-batch approach melds all the [...] read more»
2010 Best Chowder

Legal Sea Foods

Chestnut Hill
Surely someplace other than Legal can whip up a great chowder, we thought. And so we set about finding it. Countless gloppy, thin, and off-tasting [...] read more»
2007 Best Chowder, Clam

Great Bay

A pure, fine broth; a smoky backbone of bacon; and plump whole mollusks elevate this above the gluey sludge commonly doled out to tourists. No [...] read more»
2005 Best Chowder, Clam

Turner Fisheries Restaurant & Bar

Experimentation may be the spice of fine dining, but chowder demands tradition. To heretics inclined to load their chowder with corn, carrots, or—God forbid—Baileys Irish [...] read more»
2004 Best Chowder, Clam

Turner Fisheries

Chowder, that most traditional of New England foods, could never be invented today. Leaving aside the Manhattanite abomination, a good chowder, with its base of [...] read more»
2003 Best Chowder, Clam

The Times Bar and Restaurant

To hell with baked beans. Clam chowder is Boston's crowning food—not potato, not flour, but clam. That's a distinction understood at the Times, an otherwise [...] read more»
2002 Best Chowder

The Barking Crab

For a city with perhaps the nation's highest expectations for clam chowder, Boston offers a pitiful few truly good renditions. Most versions have degenerated into [...] read more»
2001 Best Chowder

KingFish Hall

Unless your mother has the culinary savoir-faire of Todd English, you likely did not grow up on "chowdah" that tasted anything like what you'll find [...] read more»