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1999 Best Classes, Sailing

Courageous Sailing Center

Whoever said you can't get something for nothing didn't know the Courageous Sailing Center. The center teaches mini-mariners to sail for free thanks to finding [...] read more»
1997 Best Classes, Sailing

Courageous Sailing

One way to minimize your exposure to E. coli is to sail on Boston Harbor instead of the Charles River, and Courageous Sailing is the [...] read more»
1996 Best Classes, Sailing Lessons

Community Boating

Let's face it: Sooner or later someone's going to invite you to go sailing, and if you don't know what you're doing, you're going to [...] read more»
1996 Best Classes, Skating

Skating Club of Boston

Aspiring Olympians and weekend skaters alike love the Skating Club's year-round professionally run programs. And unlike facilities geared to hockey players, where gear insulates skaters [...] read more»
1995 Best Classes, Riding Instructor

David Boley at Hamilton Riding Club

In the rarified world of A-circuit equestrian and competition, the choice of an instructor is as personal as the selection of one's custom-made boots. At [...] read more»
1989 Best Classes, Squash Teacher

The Boston condo market.

Realtors call a soft market a squash, and, boy, have they learned all about squash this year. read more»
1989 Best Classes, Aerobics Teacher

Linda Bean at Back Bay Nautilus

Bean is a model and in great shape, so you know her workouts work. read more»
1983 Best Classes, Sailing Lessons

Boston Sailing Center

We had one complaint from a year ago about the Sailing Center. But after checking it out, we found it didn't hold any water. read more»
1983 Best Classes

The Harvard University Extension Program

Upscale adult ed. read more»
1982 Best Classes, Sailing

Boston Sailing Center

Third year in a row, and they've added to their fleet. read more»
1982 Best Classes, Kirate

Conrad McKinney

McKinney is based at the Colonial Hilton Racquet and Fitness Center, and Red Soxer Dwight Evans swears by him. "You learn philosophy as you go," [...] read more»
1982 Best Classes, Windsurfing

Ruth Strachan

Strachan, who taught herself to windsurf five years ago, works with Can Am Sailcraft. "It took me half a summer," she says, "and a lot [...] read more»
1982 Best Classes, Gourmet Cooking

The Classes Run by Dierdre Davis and Linda Marino at the French Library

Another Madeleine Kamman spinoff. read more»
1982 Best Classes, Racquet

Mo Khan at the Harvard Club

Friendly, and a member of one of sport's greatest families, the squash-playing Khans of Pakistan. read more»
1981 Best Classes, Cooking

Classes Offered by Sheryl Julian at the Kitchen

Of course, she comes recommended by our own restaurant critic, Steven Raichlen. And we're especially partial to his classes. read more»