Best of Boston

Best Cocktail, DIY Mocktails

1992 Best Cocktail, After-Theater

The Bristol Lounge

The impeccable service and plump armchairs make this the perfect place to sip spirits while digesting the evening's images. read more»
1992 Best Cocktail, After Work


Self-aware professionals of all ages flake out (slightly) after 5:30, renewing their strength with small crisp-crust pizzas. read more»
1988 Best Cocktail, New

Sit on My Face

A triple-layer encounter with Frangelico sitting on Bailey's and Bailey's sitting on Kahlúa. The hardest thing is having the guts to ask for it. read more»
1987 Best Cocktail, New

Sex on the Beach

Sweet and smooth, with a memorable kick. Everyone makes it differently, but most local bars pour vodka, Peachtree schnapps, cranberry juice, and orange juice. read more»
1986 Best Cocktail, Hour Food


Be sure to get there early for the shrimp and roast beef. read more»
1986 Best Cocktail, Mimosa

St. Botolph

It does a nice Sunday brunch too. read more»
1986 Best Cocktail, New Drink

Raspberry Lime Rickey at Legal Sea Foods. read more»
1985 Best Cocktail, Hour

Turner Fisheries

For the price of a drink, an all-you-can-eat bonanza of top-flight seafood. read more»
1985 Best Cocktail, New Drink

The Wingo Whiz, Concocted by Bull & Finch Pub Bartender Eddie Doyle for <em>The Boston Herald</em>

Vodka, Midori, milk, and orange juice. We'd like to see Rupert Murdoch choke down a couple of these. read more»
1984 Best Cocktail, Adult Kool-Aid

Long Island iced tea

Five different liquors and flavored with cola and lemon. If the bartender can't make it, you're at the wrong place. read more»