Best of Boston

Best Coffee

1998 Best Coffee, Beans

Polcari’s Coffee

Of course the coffee at this quaint North End shop is excellent. It comes from the Excellent Company in Rhode Island. There was a day [...] read more»
1995 Best Coffee, Roaster

Java Sun

Jim Cleaves, Java Sun's head roaster, says the secret to his beans' flavor is microroasting—that is, roasting in small batches for better quality control and [...] read more»
1993 Best Coffee, Beans

The Coffee Connection

The Coffee Connection may be the premier coffee-bean purveyor in the country. We know for sure it's the best in New England. read more»
1991 Best Coffee, Vendor, New


Finally, another bean roaster selling high-quality, fresh coffee beans. The breakfast blend is super, and so are the pastries. read more»
1987 Best Coffee, Decaf

Harvard Book Store Cafe

Lots of flavor. Little kick. read more»
1986 Best Coffee, Restaurant

Back Bay Bistro

A hands-down winner with no grounds for dissent. read more»
1984 Best Coffee, Irish

Jacob Wirth

read more»
1981 Best Coffee, Beans


Not the restaurant, the food shop. Now you know why the coffee's so good in the North End. read more»
1976 Best Coffee


Visiting Brazilians prefer the Ritz-Carlton's brew. read more»
1974 Best Coffee

The Cafe Budapest

The Cafe Budapest prepares a number of items well, but nobody in the area comes close to its Vietnamese coffee. read more»