Best of Boston

Best Critic

1994 Best Critic, Television

Monica Collins of the <em>Herald</em>

She knows television the way a good broker knows the stock market. She can tell you how to invest your TV time and get a [...] read more»
1989 Best Critic, Press, Print

Mark Jurkowitz, <em>Boston Phoenix</em>

Finally, a worthy successor to David O'Brian. Sharp, hardworking, and fair. read more»
1989 Best Critic

Rebecca Nemser

Finally, a visual-arts writer who can talk about meaning without waxing pedantic. Wherever it appears, in the Globe or in Art New England, the skillful [...] read more»
1989 Best Critic, Entertainment, Radio and TV

Joyce Kulhawik, Channel 4

Okay, so until June the field was just Joyce and Dixie Whatshername. It doesn't matter. When Joyce is at her best, she's still the best. read more»
1989 Best Critic, Print

“Errors of the Way,” the <em>Boston Phoenix</em> feature that fact-checks the too-frequently erroneous reporting of <em>Boston Herald</em> quidnune Norma Nathan.

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. read more»
1988 Best Critic, TV

A tie. Ed Siegel, <em>Boston Globe</em>, Terry Ann Knopf, <em>Patriot Ledger</em>

Intelligent, creative, and—above all—useful, Siegel's stuff would be great even if you didn't compare it with the trip churned out by his predecessor, the windy [...] read more»
1988 Best Critic, Entertainment

Joyce Kulhawik, Channel 4

Best last year and still the one to watch. Sorely missed when the Boss opened his national tour in Worcester while she was out sick. [...] read more»
1988 Best Critic, Theater

Arthur Friedman, <em>Boston Herald</em>

Friedman is cranky, petty, unlovable, and almost always right. read more»
1987 Best Critic, Entertainment, TV

Joyce Kulhawk, Channel 4

Just another pretty face, you say? Not so. We love her mind too. All right, maybe she's not too deep but she's Edmund Wilson compared [...] read more»
1987 Best Critic, Television

Terry Ann Knopf, <em>Patriot Ledger</em>

Yes, she also writes for Boston Magazine. No, she didn't lobby to be Best. But she is. So there. read more»
1986 Best Critic, Visual Arts

Tom Frick

The Massachusetts review editor for Art New England, he began reviewing shows for the prestigious Art in America about a year ago. Since then, he [...] read more»
1986 Best Critic, Print

Robert Levey, <em>Boston Globe</em>

The Globe's restaurant reviews have never been more influential or better written. read more»
1986 Best Critic, Television

Ron Doyle, <em>Middlesex News</em>

An acerbic voice in the bland TV wilderness. read more»
1985 Best Critic, Film

Carrie Rickey, <em>Boston Herald</em>

Second year in a row. read more»
1985 Best Critic, Television

Greg Dawson, <em>Boston Herald</em>

A fine addition to the media scene. read more»