Best of Boston

Best Designer, Clothing

2014 Best Designer, Bag, Local

Frank Clegg, Frank Clegg Leatherworks

Fall River
Frank Clegg’s eponymous leather-goods line may be rooted in the past—the time-honored techniques he and his craftsmen use to make carryalls in Fall River haven’t [...] read more»
2014 Best Designer, Jewelry, Local

Nicole Rueda-Watts, NYX Studio

There’s nothing wrong with a chunky necklace from J.Crew, of course, but if you truly want to stand out from the flock, snag a handmade [...] read more»
2013 Best Designer, Local

Luke Aaron

Luke Aaron's sophisticated, ladylike gowns and separates look theatrical for a reason: The budding couturier honed his craft in the costume shop at Tufts, later [...] read more»
2012 Best Designer, Local

Emily Muller

Architect-in-training Emily Muller traded buildings for buttons after she made her sister's wedding dress—and she hasn't looked back since. The chic and adventurous South End [...] read more»
2011 Best Designer, Men's

Jeff Lahens

As cofounder and head designer of ECC Life & Styl—which sells the posh lines Pragma, Misura, and Genuine Bespok—Lahens brings much-needed funkiness to traditional menswear. [...] read more»
2011 Best Designer, Women's


Drawing inspiration from art, culture, and global travel, Istanbul-born designer Nirva Derbekyan fills her eponymous line with flowing, feminine dresses and separates that feel utterly [...] read more»
1999 Best Designer, Clothing


Deep inside the grunge of Harvard Square, this boutique is a welcome alternative for those who eschew Birkenstocks for Blahniks. Tess specializes in high-end women's [...] read more»
1993 Best Designer, Clothing, Local, Avant-Garde

Nong Tumsutipong

A star among stars at this spring's knockout Creation fashion show and a strong seller at Starving Artist, on Newbury Street. Her pieces have shape [...] read more»
1993 Best Designer, Party Clothes

Eddie Kent

If the B-52's, Aerosmith, or Madonna invite you to a fete, get thee to the Garment District, 200 Broadway Street in Cambridge, where Kent's restyled [...] read more»