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Best Entertainment

1998 Best Entertainment, Mindless

Lost World

It doesn't get much stupider than this— or more absorbing. Club into the booth and fire at the lizardy dino-creatures from the movie. Coolest moment: [...] read more»
1996 Best Entertainment, Family

Boston Bowl

If Chuck E. Cheese is for country mice, this place is definitely for city mice. A longtime (since 1959) magnet for neighborhood families, it boasts [...] read more»
1995 Best Entertainment, Deal

CMG Information Services

Wilmington's CMG Fidelity Services sold America Online a neat piece of software that allows users to quickly browse the Internet's World Wide Web and retrieve [...] read more»
1979 Best Entertainment, Free

Brattle Square

Jugglers, street singers, storytellers, and musicians. All now competing for your attention with the construction of the MBTA's Red Line extension. read more»