Best of Boston

Best Event

1986 Best Event, Special

Hearst’s Celebration of Its Acquisition of Channel 5

The part cost $300,000 and included Itzhak Perlman and the Pops. Revere-bowl party favors, and enough champagne to float Symphony Hall. read more»
1986 Best Event, Amateur

Head of the Charles Regatta

A world-class gathering of rowers on the Charles. read more»
1985 Best Event, Special

Concerts on the Common

Second year in a row and better than ever. read more»
1985 Best Event, Media

The Announcement That Hitler’s Yacht Would Be Set Up on Permanent Exhibit

The Herald reported the site would be Plymouth. The selectmen there were outraged. Then it turned out the owner meant Plympton. Never mind. read more»
1985 Best Event, Television

Phil Donahue’s Broadcast from Channel 5’s Studios in Needham Featuring Male Strippers

Las Vegas and New York outlets refused to air the program. No problem, here, though. As long as there were no lesbian nuns in the [...] read more»
1984 Best Event, Annual

Concerts on the Common

It would be a shame to lose them. But it would be a blessing to get rid of their attendant three-card-monte games, and the hoods [...] read more»
1983 Best Event, Multimedia

The Series of Dance Installations at the Institute of Contemporary art.

read more»
1983 Best Event, Art

First Night

The city's best effort at recapturing its Athens of America image. Too bad it's not held on Memorial Day. read more»
1983 Best Event, Media

Reagan's visit to Dorchester's Eire Pub. read more»