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Best Garden Supplies

2000 Best Garden Supplies

Masse Hardware Company

With its hardwood floors and terrestrial aromas of peat and pine, this Cambridge company feels more like an old-time Vermont general store than a busy [...] read more»
1998 Best Garden Supplies

Mahoney’s Garden Center

Not only does Mahoney's stock every hue of azalea and geranium God ever contemplated and many he didn't, but the selection of hedges, annuals, bedding [...] read more»
1997 Best Garden Supplies

Mahoney’s Rocky Ledge

We know there are locations throughout the region, but this one rules: peat moss, planters, pails, privet hedges, potting soil, pruning shears, peas (seeds), peonies, [...] read more»
1996 Best Garden Supplies, City


It was a happy day for urban gardeners when the great Mahoney's of Winchester opened a branch on Memorial Drive. All kinds of indoor and [...] read more»
1995 Best Garden Supplies

Mahoney’s Garden Center

This longtime Boston area institution is justly famous for its vast selection of trees, plants, and gardening supplies. The original garden center, in Winchester, stocks [...] read more»
1993 Best Garden Supplies, Accessories

T. Wyatt Ltd.

There's not a hoe or shovel in sight, but this charming assortment of gurgling fountains, small statuary, painted birdhouses, baskets, and other bric-a-brac is sure [...] read more»
1990 Best Garden Supplies

New England Nurseries & Garden Center

Great stuff for green thumbs; great help for black thumbs. Put up the thumb and hitch a ride out there. read more»