Best of Boston

Best Gym, Specialized

2003 Best Gym

Fitcorp, Prudential Center location

Somewhere between the grunting at Mike's Gym II and the primping at Sports Club/LA falls Fitcorp's new Prudential Center location, which strikes just the right [...] read more»
2002 Best Gym

Mike’s Gym II

There are gyms, and then there are sports clubs. Mike's Gym II is unmistakably in the former club. And it's for neither the soft-hearted nor [...] read more»
2001 Best Gym, South

Weymouth Club

Membership at this gym is coveted for the pool and tennis facilities, and extensive fitness classes ranging from yoga to Pilates. The club is especially [...] read more»
2001 Best Gym

Mike’s Gym II

These days, "gym" is such a bandied-about catchword, people barely know what it means anymore. Well, we do. It means a no-frills establishment where people [...] read more»
2000 Best Gym

Boston Body

Boston Body is a gym for gym people. Nowhere else in town can compete with its variety of classes, the most popular of which is [...] read more»
2000 Best Gym, Alternative

Synergistics Personal Training Studio

Just when you thought fitness fads had reached their zenith, Helena and Brian Collins turned the notion of working out on its head. Forget long [...] read more»
2000 Best Gym, Women


Can you imagine actually looking forward to working out? We couldn't either, until Healthworks came along. This minichain of made-for-women gyms has a solid philosophy. [...] read more»
1999 Best Gym

Mike’s Gym II

The true test of a great gym is the leg equipment, and Mike's has it all—plus amenities including sauna, Jacuzzi, and tanning beds. From 5 [...] read more»
1997 Best Gym, Climbing

Boston Rock Gym

A huge industrial loft in Woburn, the Boston Rock Gym is carpeted with 20 tons of chopped-up car tires, the walls are studded with tiny [...] read more»
1996 Best Gym, Hotel

Rowes Wharf Health Club and Spa

With a fabulous pool, Cybex equipment we haven't seen anywhere but California, and first-rate spa services—from seaweed treatments to massage—the amenities at the Harbor Hotel's [...] read more»