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Best Hairstylist

2014 Best Hairstylist, Wedding

Darren Le

If a bad hair day can ruin an ordinary weekday, imagine the havoc a follicular faux pas could wreak on your wedding day. Enter Darren [...] read more»
2013 Best Hairstylist, Wedding

Lindsay Griffin

Attention preppy brides, retro brides, downtown brides, and every bride in between: The special-event stylist Lindsay Griffin has the updo for your "I do"s. An [...] read more»
2012 Best Hairstylist, Wedding

Kristen Moshiek

Hairstyling vet Kristen Moshiek, formerly of Newbury Street's Beaucage, has ventured out on her own to focus on bridal 'dos. With a portfolio filled with [...] read more»
2011 Best Hairstylist

Michael Albor, The Loft

On nights when you need to make an entrance, make a pit stop at the Loft first. Miami-bred owner Michael Albor does gravity-defying updos and [...] read more»
2009 Best Hairstylist, Women's

Dirk Diegel, Bradley & Diegel

Chatty, Diegel is not. Instead, this polite, German-born stylist, who has mastered hair of all lengths and textures in his dozen-plus years on the strip, [...] read more»
2009 Best Hairstylist, Men's

Johanna Lane, G2O Spa & Salon

There's nothing wrong with $175 basic trims and stylists who yammer on as if they're starring in some unscripted Style Network pilot...except for the price [...] read more»
2008 Best Hairstylist, Men's $$$

Dirk Diegel, Bradley & Diegel

The alliterative name practically begs for a Boogie Nights allusion, but that strikes us as just a little too easy. There's probably also a You [...] read more»
2008 Best Hairstylist, Women's $$$

Jeffrey Dauksevich, Umi Salon

A consultation with Umi's often-brusque owner is no glib chatfest. ('How do you feel? How do you want to feel?' It's a bit like going [...] read more»
2008 Best Hairstylist, Women's $$

Timmy Quirk, I Soci Salon

The Newbury veteran combines a metalhead exterior with an endearing madcap streak. He'll regale you with tales from a recent ski weekend; he'll require a [...] read more»
2008 Best Hairstylist, Men's $$

Errin Babine, Anita Kurl

The impressive trick that this South End clipper pulls off is being both thoughtful about her craft (honed by training stints at Dellaria, Vidal Sassoon, [...] read more»
2007 Best Hairstylist, Blowout

Violet Furxhi, Salon Mario Russo

No post-appointment plans? You'll be scrambling to make some after a visit to this ego booster/blowout artist extraordinaire. Calling on fierce wattage and killer technique, [...] read more»
2003 Best Hairstylist

Robert Desiderio, Daryl Christopher Salon and Day Spa

If you want another boring blowout, go anywhere. But when you need hair that will stop traffic, sit yourself down in Desiderio's seat. Everything the [...] read more»
1989 Best Hairstylist, Women's

Nelson Randall

He has gotten more expensive as he has gotten more popular, but he's still getting rave reviews. read more»
1989 Best Hairstylist, Men's

Pat Corcoran at the Lenox Hotel

She'll talk your head off, but she's great at shaping hair (even thin and thinning hair). read more»
1983 Best Hairstylist

Connie Sullivan, Geneses

Inventive, accomplished, and friendly. What's more, her salon has a gym, juice bar, and fitness shop. read more»