Best of Boston

Best Hangout

1994 Best Hangout, New

Cafe Eurosia

A spacious lounge area, eclectic design, a unique menu, and colorful cocktails have put Eurosia on the map of the upscale In Scene. read more»
1994 Best Hangout, Mellow

Bow & Arrow Pub

There is no pretension at the Bow & Arrow, but there are pool tables, dart boards, inexpensive drinks, and a laid-back mix of locals and [...] read more»
1994 Best Hangout, Acoustic


A surviving gem of the old Harvard Square, Passim draws acts like Suzanne Vega, Jackson Browne, and Jimmy Buffet, as well as the best local [...] read more»
1989 Best Hangout, Local

The Bostonian Hotel

Power breakfasts for the hacks of tomorrow. read more»
1984 Best Hangout, After Party

Caffè Paradiso

The last stop on a café society night. read more»
1983 Best Hangout, Neighborhood, Emerging

St. Botolph

Good bar, good food, gentrified ambience. read more»
1983 Best Hangout, Neighborhood, Traditional


The old Beacon Café, which journalist Josh Resnek took over and made even funkier. read more»
1981 Best Hangout, Refugee

Bangkok Cuisine

Lots of terrific fish, duck, and Thai noodles, along with the hottest condiments in town. From Southeast Asia, with love. read more»