Best of Boston

Best Hotel Restaurant

1986 Best Hotel Restaurant

Le Marquis De Lafayette

<p>The first few months, recalls maître d'hôtel Pietro Valentini, were discouraging. Although the kitchen, under the direction of consultant Louis Outhier and head chef Jean [...] read more»
1985 Best Hotel Restaurant


One of the city's best, although the service could stand improvement at times. read more»
1984 Best Hotel Restaurant

Apley’s, Sheraton-Boston Hotel

David Woodward may hail from England, but his cooking is representative of the finest contemporary continental cuisine. read more»
1983 Best Hotel Restaurant, Dining Room

Julien, Hotel Meridien

The kitchen's kinks are worked out. And the lobster ravioli is one of the city's grand new dishes. read more»
1980 Best Hotel Restaurant, Dining Room

Copley Plaza

Stately elegance, in the formal dining room. Not to be confused with Copley's, a wood-paneled dating bar for geriatrics in the same establishment. read more»