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Best Martini

1999 Best Martini

Bristol Lounge

First, a point of order: A proper martini will never, ever be preceded by an adjective. Not chocolate, not raspberry, not blue velvet, not anything. [...] read more»
1998 Best Martini

Bristol Lounge

The only difference between one cold glass of gin and another is where it's served and how (assuming, of course, it's good gin to begin [...] read more»
1997 Best Martini

The Bristol Lounge

Stripped down to its raw form, a martini is just a stiff belt of gin, which any jamoke can pull off a no-name bottle in [...] read more»
1983 Best Martini, Traditional

Legal Sea Foods

With the Ritz in the Hall of Fame, Legal is next in line. Boissière vermouth and Beefeaters gin. read more»
1983 Best Martini, New Wave

The Ice-Blue Martini at Copley Plaza Hotel

read more»
1982 Best Martini

Ritz Bar

And they've improved the peanuts, too. read more»
1981 Best Martini

Ritz Bar

This is a perennial, and while you might be able to get more booze for your money elsewhere, you'll not get the ambience, service, and [...] read more»
1980 Best Martini

Bay Tower Room

And, honestly, we weren't influenced by the view. read more»
1979 Best Martini

The Ritz Carlton Hotel Bar

We acknowledge the perennial favorite of our readers. Served in tiny glass decanters. read more»
1978 Best Martini

Hilltop Steak House

Two of these will blot out the thundering herd. read more»
1976 Best Martini

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 15 Arlington St., sets the standards which others shoot for. Its drink is cold and dry, a perfect marriage of gin and [...] read more»
1975 Best Martini

The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Locke-Ober’s

A tossup between the gem crafted by the Ritz and the beauty blended at Locke-Ober's. Both are flawless creations—cold and so dry that, by comparison, [...] read more»
1974 Best Martini

the Ritz Hotel

Until recently the Ritz had no competition in the Great Martini Race. Now the Cafe Vendome has come up with its own Superdrink, which could [...] read more»