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Best Museum

1988 Best Museum, Comeback

The Evans Wing

It took four years and $11.5 million, but the Evans Wing is back and packed with 700 fine European and American paintings, including works of [...] read more»
1987 Best Museum, Show

Elizabeth Murray

The 10-year retrospective of New York artist Elizabeth Murray at MIT's List Visual Arts Center, 20 Ames Street, Cambridge. The paintings were there, the drawings [...] read more»
1987 Best Museum, Undiscovered


Bronson Alcott's utopia here failed, but the idyllic setting won't fail to please. read more»
1986 Best Museum, Show

The Sonnabend Collection’s Visit to the MFA

Overdue exposure for Bostonians to key pop and minimalist works from the fifties and sixties. read more»
1986 Best Museum, Programming

Danforth Museum of Art’s

For the Project II series, which featured a changing spectacle of inventive installations by prominent local and national artists. read more»
1986 Best Museum, New

Harvard’s Arthur D. Sackler Museum

Stunning natural light—drenched galleries show off Harvard's superb collections of classical and Oriental works. read more»
1986 Best Museum

Museum of Science

After a major sprucing up, the Museum of Science is hosting innovative, hands-on exhibits. Strong on computers. read more»
1984 Best Museum, Out-of-the-Way

Merrimack Valley Textile Museum and Museum of Our National Heritage

Two sleepers. read more»
1984 Best Museum, On-the-Way

Institute of Contemporary Art

Thanks to its innovative exhibits, even the Museum of Fine Arts is taking a close look at new local art. read more»
1982 Best Museum

The Museum of Fine Arts

They had the sense to book the Gund show. read more»