Best of Boston

Best Musical

1993 Best Musical, Melting Pot

The Middle East

On Tuesday nights the Middle East invites musicians in for its International Jam Session, and you never know who will show. read more»
1988 Best Musical

<em>Animal Crackers</em>, Huntington Theater Company

Bet you thought we were going to say Les Misérables. Well, Animal Crackers had better sets and better music. It made far more sense, and [...] read more»
1987 Best Musical


It has soul. It has the Soul Sisters. It's Supreme. read more»
1985 Best Musical

<em>The Little Shop of Horrors</em>

In a lean year for big-time musicals, it was the only one with man-eating plants and lots of originality. read more»
1984 Best Musical, Impresario

Fenton Hollander of Water Music

A bold move indoors to the Copley Plaza. read more»
1984 Best Musical, Revue

<em>Tomfoolery</em> at the Charles Playhouse

Tom Lehrer's triumphant return to his hometown. read more»
1983 Best Musical, Impresario

Fenton Hollander, Who’s Responsible for Both Water Music and the Jazz at the Copley Series

He brought the Modern Jazz Quartet back to Boston. read more»
1982 Best Musical, Impresario

Walter Pierce, whose Celebrity Series has launched more than a few careers, and whose keen sense of talent and moment has kept our town in [...] read more»
1982 Best Musical, Travelling Show

John Harbison, chosen for a prestigious grant and two-year guest-residency program. He will take a leave from his chair at MIT's music department to work [...] read more»