Best of Boston

Best Pizza

1992 Best Pizza, Suburban

Sweet Peppers

A superthin chewy crust that crunches even at the top of the wedge, and inspired flavor combinations, such as roasted eggplant and sundried tomato—now that's [...] read more»
1990 Best Pizza


The crust is feathery light; the toppings range from earthy white beans and spicy sausage to scallops and calamari. This is not just pizza. read more»
1989 Best Pizza

Michela’s Caffè

A thin-thin, light and crunchy crust, a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of cheeses, and a scattering of perhaps pancetta, spinach, or artichoke. This [...] read more»
1988 Best Pizza


Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline, and, soon, Boston
So what if it's a chain? read more»
1986 Best Pizza

DePasquale Brothers

<p>Pizza is a serious business. Just ask Phil DePasquale, 70, who's been a professional pizza maker since he was 11. The same Phil DePasquale who's [...] read more»
1986 Best Pizza, Designer

Bertucci’s Pizza

Chic yet unpretentious, this popular family haunt has all the right ingredients: excellent food, reasonable prices, and boccie to boot. read more»
1985 Best Pizza, North End

Pizzeria Regina

Regina's gotten a bad rap because the chain outlets haven't matched the original. Trust us: the original's still terrific. read more»
1985 Best Pizza, Outside the North End


Bright, roomy dining area; great variety of pizzas. And a boccie court to boot. read more»
1984 Best Pizza

Christie’s Pizza

East Boston
read more»
1982 Best Pizza, When You Don't Want to Drive to Santarpio's

Bel Canto

Boston, Cambridge, Lexington, and Somerville
The first deep-dish pizza in town, and still the best. read more»
1981 Best Pizza


With Santarpio's retired into the Hall of Fame, the prize goes across the river. read more»
1980 Best Pizza


East Boston
Year after year, even without Mike Eruzione's father behind the bar. read more»
1980 Best Pizza, When Santarpio's Is Closed


Not to be confused with the Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Downtown Crossing outlets. read more»
1980 Best Pizza, Deep Dish

Bel Canto

Another perennial. read more»
1979 Best Pizza, Shallow Dish


East Boston
Tops for the second year in a row. Delicious sausage and a shorter line than Regina's. These pies (along with the airport noise) are Eastie's [...] read more»