Best of Boston

Best Pizza

1979 Best Pizza, Shallow Dish


East Boston
Tops for the second year in a row. Delicious sausage and a shorter line than Regina's. These pies (along with the airport noise) are Eastie's [...] read more»
1979 Best Pizza, Deep Dish

Bel Canto

Precooked crust, but great homemade sauce and surprising toppings (broccoli, walnuts). The first place in town to promote the calzone (meat and cheese turnover) trend. [...] read more»
1978 Best Pizza


East Boston
Just on the other side of the Callahan Tunnel. A tasty thin crust supports the exquisite goo (the tomato sauce is distinctively sweet). Livingston Taylor's [...] read more»
1976 Best Pizza

Regina Pizzeria

Regina is the patron saint of pizza; she guarantees thick crusts and an abundance of tomato paste and cheese. A multitude of extras is available. read more»
1975 Best Pizza

The European

The crust is so crisp, the tomato and cheese so lush that some men would gladly trade an evening with Gina Lollobrigida for a single [...] read more»
1974 Best Pizza


Regina's in the North End is tops, but it's no secret—you might have to wait in line. read more»