Best of Boston

Best Sales Associate

2000 Best Sales Associate

Michael “Bingo” Sears, Chanel

Michael's the kind of guy who remembers what you bought last fall and will help you find a way to make it work with something [...] read more»
1997 Best Sales Associate

Olga Ilatovsky

Chestnut Hill
Olga Ilatovsky is a master of the soft sell. She'll tell you if the dress doesn't fit you—or the occasion—and will scour the racks nationwide [...] read more»
1989 Best Sales Associate

Shreve, Crump & Low

You are treated politely even if you don't look rich enough to shop here. read more»
1988 Best Sales Associate

Lord & Taylor’s Shoe Department

They're nice. Really! read more»
1987 Best Sales Associate


Friendly and courteous, even during the feeding frenzy of a sale. read more»
1984 Best Sales Associate

Saks Fifth Avenue

Friendly, knowledgeable, not too pushy. read more»