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Best Shoe Designer

2022 Best Shoe Designer

Thom Solo

Why should Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera be the only ones to sport Boston shoe designer Thom Solo’s rock-star creations? Go ahead and snag a [...] read more»
2021 Best Shoe Designer

Thom Solo

When would you ever wear a ruched periwinkle thigh-high boot? When would you not, Thom Solo would respond. His Elton John-meets-Michelangelo designs have graced the [...] read more»
2020 Best Shoe Designer

Chris Donovan

Who knew that Boston’s newest fashion superstar would be a retired telephone repairman? After years of dreaming about designing shoes, last year Chris Donovan officially [...] read more»
2018 Best Shoe Designer

Peter Sacco, Adelante Shoe Co.

Ever stopped to wonder where your shoes come from? Peter Sacco did. Deeply troubled by the economic inequality he saw while on vacation in Central [...] read more»