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1988 Best Sports, Nightmare

Doug Flutie finally gets to become a Patriot. And then he doesn't get to play. read more»
1988 Best Sports, Record

Cohasset high school basketball player Bryan Edwards's new career scoring record of 2,563 points, eclipsing the 12-year-old mark held by Somerville legend Ronnie Perry. read more»
1979 Best Sports, Color Man

Ken Harrelson

Best in the major leagues. Never utters silly or superfluous remarks. read more»
1976 Best Sports, Announcer

Clark Booth, Channel 5

Knowledgeable and articulate, he writes his own copy and reads it with the conviction that sports coverage is a serious business. read more»
1976 Best Sports, Move of the Year

Firing Red Sox coach Darrell Johnson

It was either him or the whole team. read more»