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2002 Best Tailor


This elegant walkup is no dingy, dime-a-dozen tailor shop. It's a richly carpeted, sprawling space overlooking Newbury Street through extra-wide windows, with changing booths the [...] read more»
2001 Best Tailor


No wonder fashion retailers from DKNY to Intermix use Fit. The high-quality workmanship that comes out of this elegantly appointed Newbury Street tailor shop is [...] read more»
2000 Best Tailor, Men's

Benny Ho

This tailor honed his craft at Louis Boston, and it shows, especially when it comes to pants. Benny Ho is the master of finding that [...] read more»
2000 Best Tailor, Women's


Chestnut Hill
Hidden in the parking garage of the Atrium at Chestnut Hill is this whiz with the sewing machine. Yelena, mother of Tatiana (as in Bridals [...] read more»
1998 Best Tailor

Yelena Courture

Chestnut Hill
Sometimes it's impossible to resist buying something fabulous when the price has plummeted. That's when your tailor becomes your best friend/ The mark of a [...] read more»
1997 Best Tailor, Department Store

Stephen Smith

Chestnut Hill
He can find that extra inch in the Prada pants on sale that you can barely squeeze into, transform a jacket so it looks custom-made, [...] read more»
1996 Best Tailor

Back Bay Laundry Emporium

The heel of your shoe is falling off. There's marinara sauce on your tie. Your rug smells like Chinese takeout. You've been going to CVS [...] read more»
1995 Best Tailor

Alan Rouleau

Whether you want a knock-off of a Zegna suit (with fabric from the Italian Mill) or simply someone to shorten a hem, Rouleau and his [...] read more»
1994 Best Tailor, In-Store

Mr. Sid

Fast, friendly, and guaranteed to make you look great. read more»
1994 Best Tailor

Alan Rouleau Courtuerier

Alan Rouleau's alterations are impeccable, and his evening hours are ideal for working folks. read more»