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2002 Best Timing

Bob Kraft

Patriot owner Bob Kraft, whose team opens its new stadium this month fresh off a Super Bowl win. read more»
1995 Best Timing

Monroe Inker’s

During the 1994 campaign, Inker, Joan Kennedy's divorce attorney, pressed her ex, Ted Kennedy, for more money. Small wonder that dissatisfied spouses across the commonwealth [...] read more»
1988 Best Timing

Lotus Development Corporation’s

In February, Lotus president Jim Manzi and other top officers dumped more than 250,000 shares of the Cambridge software company. In March, Lotus announced that [...] read more»
1987 Best Timing

Zayre Corporation

That of the dozen officers and directors of Zayre Corporation—including chairman of the board Sumner L. Feldberg—who sold off more than 235,000 shares of their [...] read more»
1986 Best Timing

Leonard Florence’s

In a one-week period in September 1985, Florence then CEO of Towle Manufacturing, sold 43,600 shares of the East Boston silverware manufacturer at prices ranging [...] read more»