Best of Boston

Best TV, Live

1982 Best TV, Sportscaster

Bob Lobel, Channel 4

He's no jock, but a real. read more»
1982 Best TV, Weathercaster

Shane Hollett, Channel 7

Looks like Luke on "General Hospital." That's all you need in this business. read more»
1981 Best TV, Moment

Larry Bird live at City Hall Plaza. read more»
1981 Best TV, Reporter

David Ropeik, Channel 5

He's got the air of a journalist, and manages to come across cool and understated. Very Nice. read more»
1981 Best TV, Sportscaster

Clark Booth, Channel 5

The most literate man in the field. read more»
1981 Best TV, Weathercaster

Dick Albert, Channel 5

Superficially ridiculous, he just kind of grows on you. Which, we guess, is what television is all about. read more»
1981 Best TV, Anchor

John Henning, formerly of Channel 7

When Henning got frustrated by his small audience and reduced exposure, he quit. That's what we like about him: smart. read more»
1980 Best TV, Local Program

Channel 5’s “This Was America”

History becomes classic viewing. read more»
1979 Best TV, Cookie

Mary Stewart

read more»
1979 Best TV, Cookie Monster

Tony Pepper

read more»
1978 Best TV, Local Personality

Chuck Kraemer, WCVB Channel 5

Kraemer is one of the few TV "news" people who seem interested in conveying information, not image. His "Consider This" feature on the nightly news [...] read more»
1976 Best TV, Sex Object

Marilyn Salenger, Channel 7

She may not be the most beautiful woman in Boston, but she is undoubtedly one of the sexiest. Since she came onto the air, 34 [...] read more»
1975 Best TV, Commentator

WCVB’s Clark Booth

WCVB's Clark Booth is knowledgeable and perceptive, and has a command of the language that Cosell himself would envy. read more»
1974 Best TV, Commentator

Dick Flavin

The only special reporter who can make news informative as well as amusing. read more»
1974 Best TV, Anchorman

Channel 7’s Ted O’Brien

His lengthy track record and lack of competition cinches this distinction. read more»