Best of Boston

Best TV, Reporter

1988 Best TV, Reporter

Andy Hiller, Channel 4

Sure, he's obnoxious. But old helmet-head is also combative, cunning, and creative. He's got the Best high fastball in the business, and he has thrown [...] read more»
1987 Best TV, Reporter

Jorge Quiroga, Channel 5

A fearless reporter. His special report on the contra supply line was right on the money. read more»
1986 Best TV, Reporter

Martha Bradlee, Channel 5

Brainy, sophisticated, willing to ask tough questions. read more»
1985 Best TV, Reporter

Janet Wu, Channel 5

Well prepared, and offers substance in her stand-ups. read more»
1984 Best TV, Reporter

Andy Hiller, Channel 4

Okay, the last thing he needs is a pat on the back. But his surprise on-the-air quizzing of the U.S. Senate candidates belongs in a [...] read more»
1983 Best TV, Reporter

Andy Hiller, Channel 4

Old helmet head. Of course he's obnoxious. That's one of his endearing qualities. read more»
1981 Best TV, Reporter

David Ropeik, Channel 5

He's got the air of a journalist, and manages to come across cool and understated. Very Nice. read more»