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Best Viral Moment

2022 Best Viral Moment

<em>The Price Is Right</em> New Hampshire Incident

The Internet got a major kick this year out of the plight of Marshfield’s Catherine Graham, whose grand prize on The Price Is Right was [...] read more»
2021 Best Viral Moment

The BMC Vaccine Dance

After a year spent working shifts at COVID patients’ bedsides, you could forgive healthcare workers for being in no mood to dance. But when vaccines [...] read more»
2020 Best Viral Moment

“Boston Strog”

It was meant to revive the slogan that got us through another difficult time, the marathon bombings. What it became was viral gold, and a [...] read more»
2019 Best Viral Moment

The “Rescued” Red Sox Banner

“We need to negotiate heah,” said Louie Iacuzzi in an epic pseudo-ransom video after he and James Amaral found a lost Sox banner. They got [...] read more»