Best of Boston

Best Wine Shop

1995 Best Wine Shop

Marty’s Liquors

Thousands (yes, thousands!) of bottles to choose from and several hundred beers. If you're stuck for a selection or need advice, look for wine buyer [...] read more»
1992 Best Wine Shop

The Wine Cask

Great selection, fair prices, and a very helpful and knowledgeable staff. read more»
1991 Best Wine Shop

Violette Wine Cellars

Richard Kzirian's selection may seem small, but as Spencer Tracy once said, what's there is "cherce." Kziriain's advice is indispensable. read more»
1988 Best Wine Shop

The Wine Cask

The helpful staff almost outshine the selection. read more»
1987 Best Wine Shop

Winecellar of Silene

Boston and Waltham
Consistently the best wines at the best prices, and exceptional delivery service. read more»
1985 Best Wine Shop

Brookline Liquor Market

Top shelf-selection, bargain-basement prices. read more»
1980 Best Wine Shop, Classy

Winecellar of Silene

Even the competitors praise it. read more»
1980 Best Wine Shop, Selective

Harvard Wine & Liquor

Home of the Myron-Norman imports. And well-know oenologist Myron Norman. read more»
1979 Best Wine Shop

Jobi Liquors

The best place in town for free advice with your wine, for specials, and case discounts (10 percent). John Gilbert (236 Boylston St.) might have [...] read more»
1978 Best Wine Shop

Winecellar of Silene

Proprietors Jim and Lucy Hangstefer scour the vineyards of Europe and California for bargains on high-quality wines, most retailing in the two- to six-dollar range. [...] read more»