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Best Wings

1999 Best Wings

Busy B Pub

These Buffalo and barbecue wings are as tangy as they are tasty, which is why the regulars here always have a plateful. The Busy B [...] read more»
1998 Best Wings

Buff’s Pub

Newton Corner
It would be a shame if this unpretentious little bar near turnpike exit 17 got too trendy. The honey hot Buffalo wings are worth the [...] read more»
1996 Best Wings

Wing Works

Ten varieties with not only Buffalo but Rochester—the vinegary heat of the former tamed with a mustard-like flavor. What's next—Schenectady? read more»
1992 Best Wings

Wings Express

"Pretty meaty," Landre noted. "More diversity and depth of flavor." "More subtlety," said Giezentanner. There was much resting of these wings. read more»