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Best Women's Clothing, North

2012 Best Women's Clothing, North

French + Italian

Remember the linen sundress you scored at that small boutique down a side street in Milan? Aimee Lombardi fills her gorgeous Marblehead shop with precisely [...] read more»
2008 Best Women's Clothing, North

The Studio

Three questions we've been asking ourselves this year: Is it easy on the environment? Can I get good mileage from it? Does it go with [...] read more»
2007 Best Women's Clothing, North


Amy Finegold mixes discoveries from beginning designers and timeless pieces by classic labels to create an appealing metropolitan sensibility for her three-year-old North Shore boutique. [...] read more»
2006 Best Women's Clothing, North


Amy Finegold knew the suburbs had style before anyone else did—she brought it there. Her two-year-old Andover shop is filled with up-and-coming designers and old [...] read more»
2005 Best Women's Clothing, North


Andover has become a mini shopping mecca, and Dresscode is a big reason why. Owner Amy Finegold doesn't try to do it all. Instead of [...] read more»
2004 Best Women's Clothing, North

Native Sun

You can shop yourself silly in this tourist-friendly town, but if you're looking for something other than lobster-emblazoned boxers and lighthouse-studded T-shirts, stop here. Full [...] read more»
2003 Best Women's Clothing, North


Beverly Farms
Isla (Spanish for "island," for you monoglots) is no misnomer. This tranquil enclave of adorable designer pieces and accessories is smack in the middle of [...] read more»