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Best Cheesecake

1978 Best Cheesecake

Andy Seplow

Andy Seplow, part-time owner of a limited catering service called L’Alliance Pate, makes a firm, toothsome cheesecake based on cream cheese, sour cream, and ground […] read more»
1977 Best Cheesecake


Back in 1971, Dave Rowinsky’s pièce de résistance was called Mustard Kup cheesecake, after the Cambridge deli where he worked and baked. The name was […] read more»
1975 Best Cheesecake

Baby Watson’s Bakery

So creamy and cheesy that Masters & Johnson have certified it as a sensual experience. New Yorkers come here to eat it. read more»
1974 Best Cheesecake


Deli-Sound on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston has a cake which is flown in special form New York and costs only 65 cents. If you get […] read more»