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Best Bloody Mary

2003 Best Bloody Mary

East Coast Grill & Raw Bar

Some Sunday mornings require a little time spent catching up with our favorite sister, bloody mary. And the best place to find her in these […] read more»
1986 Best Bloody Mary


Good recipe, good view. read more»
1981 Best Bloody Mary

Bull and Finch Pub

A favorite year after year, and one that even the Boston Globe credits us with discovering. read more»
1980 Best Bloody Mary

The Hampshire House

Actually, the Bull & Finch Pub in the basement. Very tasty, with a fair amount of vodka. read more»
1975 Best Bloody Mary

The Hampshire House

They’ve changed the name, but the drink remains the same—the finest in Boston, with just a hint of horseradish and garlic. read more»
1974 Best Bloody Mary


You have to ask for a small Bloody Mary at the Townhouse to get one. The quality matches the quantity. It’s one of the few […] read more»