Best of Boston

Best Laundromat

1991 Best Laundromat

Mother’s Laundry Emporium

The worst problem in Laundromats is not soiled clothes—it’s boredom. Mother’s has licked it by providing sofas, a television, a Lifecycle, rowing machines, and a […] read more»
1988 Best Laundromat

Daloz the Cleaner

Unless you’re up for ironing your own shirts and tablecloths, you won’t get a better job anywhere in the area. And you pay for what […] read more»
1982 Best Laundromat, Coin-Op

Moy’s Highlander Center

Spotless, all machines in working order, and free coffee. read more»
1979 Best Laundromat

The Laundry-Galleria

Lillian Bloom’s North End hybrid features brand-new machines (Maytag, fifty cents), free coffee and tea, twenty-four-hour drop-off service, and inexpensive art on the walls. There’s […] read more»
1977 Best Laundromat

The Laundry Room

Air-conditioned, with Muzak, plants, carpeting, magazines, color TV, director’s chairs, vending machines (edibles and cleaning-supplies), three dozen new machines and a clean-up attendant. Boarders not […] read more»