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Best Wine Bar

2017 Best Wine Bar


With its hip-hop soundtrack, generous pours of outside-the-box wines, and cheekily named snacks (e.g., a “David” Hasselback potato), this wine bar mixes serious oenophile cred […] read more»
2016 Best Wine Bar


There’s a reason why chefs like Oleana’s Ana Sortun are regulars at this low-key industry favorite: Owner Felisha Foster has taken the pomp and predictability […] read more»
2015 Best Wine Bar


With a wine list offering vinos from smaller producers and a menu call-out to the undervalued wonders of sherry and vermouth, Spoke is a bottlehead’s […] read more»
2014 Best Wine Bar


Fledgling wine aficionados, take heed: Laid-back Davis Square newcomer Spoke gamely removes the terror from the terroir, with servers who gently hold your hand through […] read more»
2013 Best Wine Bar

Belly Wine Bar

The regions, the varietals, the vintages—the world of wine can be intimidating. Not at Belly, where the eclectic by-the-glass list is organized around lighthearted headings […] read more»
2009 Best Wine Bar

The Butcher Shop

As the longtime wine doyenne of the Barbara Lynch empire, Cat Silirie knows her way around a corkscrew. For proof, look no further than the […] read more»
2008 Best Wine Bar

Bin 26 Enoteca

With a selection that runs from aglianicos through zinfandels and a wine list that reads like a guidebook, Bin 26 is an unknockable choice for […] read more»
1990 Best Wine Bar


Backs up its wine-food promotions with a changing but always excellent selection of wines unavailable elsewhere by the glass—or even by the bottle. read more»
1989 Best Wine Bar

Vin & Eddie’s Ristorante and Wine Bar

North Abington
Great prices and great selection, particularly of older vintages from California and Italy. read more»
1984 Best Wine Bar


Terrific list, great by-the-glass variety. read more»
1983 Best Wine Bar

The Custom House

Boston musician Fran Sheehan has put together an extensive, well-priced list at this North Shore establishment. read more»
1982 Best Wine Bar

Bunch of Grapes

The wine-bar phenomenon has barely caught on here, and this is the best of the bunch. So to speak. read more»