Best of Boston

Best Sticky Buns

1997 Best Sticky Buns

Clear Flour Bakery

Not too sweet, not too sticky, these addictive, oven-warm, golden, glazed concoctions, known as Morning Buns, are required a.m. accompaniments to coffee and the newspaper. […] read more»
1994 Best Sticky Buns

Clear Flour Bread Bakery

Everything we crave in a bun: a crisp, flaky crust and a buttery doughy center, coated with lots of cinnamon, with or without walnuts. Arrive […] read more»
1992 Best Sticky Buns

Buns of Boston

Buttery, chock-full of pecans, and dripping with caramel. Warren Buffet wishes he were this rich. read more»
1991 Best Sticky Buns

Wheatstone Baking Company

With or without pecans, these sticky buns are simply addictive. read more»