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Best Frozen Yogurt

1999 Best Frozen Yogurt

J.P. Licks

It seems too creamy, too thick, and too rich to be fat-free—but somehow J.P.’s does it. Its chocolate-chip-cookie yogurt is even better than licking mom’s […] read more»
1995 Best Frozen Yogurt, Nonfat


Christina’s specializes in made-to-order nonfat frozen yogurt. Pick your flavoring—chocolate, coffee, strawberry, banana, or boysenberry—and they’ll blend it into a superb vanilla base. Best are […] read more»
1991 Best Frozen Yogurt

J.P. Licks

With frozen yogurt this good, who needs ice cream? And who cares that it’s all nonfat homemade yogurt? Amazing. read more»
1990 Best Frozen Yogurt

J.P. Licks

“Excellent atmosphere.” “The best peach, natural peach flavor.” “Coffee is superstrong.” “Oreo cookie is great.” “Very unusual flavors.” “Great texture.” read more»