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Best Wings

2001 Best Wings, West

Busy B Pub

We don’t know how they do it (“If we told you, it wouldn’t be a secret,” the waitress cheerfully told our undercover critic), but this […] read more»
1999 Best Wings

Busy B Pub

These Buffalo and barbecue wings are as tangy as they are tasty, which is why the regulars here always have a plateful. The Busy B […] read more»
1998 Best Wings

Buff’s Pub

Newton Corner
It would be a shame if this unpretentious little bar near turnpike exit 17 got too trendy. The honey hot Buffalo wings are worth the […] read more»
1992 Best Wings

Wings Express

“Pretty meaty,” Landre noted. “More diversity and depth of flavor.” “More subtlety,” said Giezentanner. There was much resting of these wings. read more»